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About us

Esprit ICT is an agency for experienced professionals for technical software development. We supply:

  • Experienced software engineers, testers and designers.
  • Project Managers with international experience.
  • Highly educated ICT professionals who are motivated to solve your ICT problem and to provide a new impulse to your organization.

NEN 4400-1 certified



In an industry characterized by fast change and new developments many companies have the (temporary) need for specialist knowledge. For example, the development of a product or the testing of a new machine. ESPRIT has a broad international network of talented professionals, outstanding in their field and excellently placed to provide technical and innovative solutions for our customers. Our professionals naturally receive support from the management of ESPRIT, through which their optimal performance in a project and high quality is guaranteed.


Our expert team of Software Designers, Developers and Testers are ready to fulfil your project on time, within budget and to the right quality level. Naturally, projects are clearly documented, and progress is clearly communicated throughout the execution of the project.

Project Management

ESPRIT has the knowledge and capability in house to partly, or wholly manage projects. We manage projects from beginning to end and throughout the stages of preparation, planning, execution, documentation and evaluation. ESPRIT offers a full turn-key service.


ESPRIT ICT is a creative and innovative ICT service-provider that people enjoy working for.


ESPRIT ICT strives to be the most innovative, creative and flexible service-provider in the Eindhoven region and beyond. We are able to take our customers to a higher technological level. Additionally, we offer our professionals one of the most challenging and innovative work environments who continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Fun & Innovation Power = Outstanding performance!

Core Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Innovative Power
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility



Our daily work is determined by innovative high-tech developments in a complex and dynamic field. We see the growing requirements for smarter ICT solutions required at an ever faster-pace. ESPRIT fills a unique position due to our two business units; Industrial Technology and Information Technology. In our market we see that these two business units complement and strengthen one another. In the Information Technology business unit, we continually seek qualified and experienced IT professionals. Via our entrepreneurial reward concept: flexCareer™ we are equipped to retain the best professionals at ESPIT.


As a service provider we differentiate ourselves by offering a down-to-earth and pragmatic approach. Our motto: ” Do what you’re good at and do it as effectively as possible” is one that we live by ourselves. Since we as management were also operational with Industrial Internationals, we know which precisely skills, experience and attitude our customers are looking for and expect. Since the 1990s we have built our network up 44 different customers including machine factories, electronics industrial companies and product developers. The base includes multinationals such as Philips, ASML, DAF Trucks, Vanderlande, and MSD and also includes smaller specialized companies. From our beginning in 1999 we have focused our attention on the market segment that we really wish to serve: IndustrialTechnology, later (2005) we expanded with the business unit InformationTechnology. The business unit: IndustrialTechnology comprises 2 disciplines: (Embedded) Software Engineering and Industrial Automation. Our experienced professionals are active in both the aforementioned disciplines.


Professionals with drive and ambition, and who know what they are worth can earn what they are worth with us. FlexCareer™ is an entrepreneurial reward scheme for top-professionals. This concept combines the advantages of freelance with those of a permanent employment contract: a better basic salary, security, and challenging projects. We are looking for the best and we also offer the best: a permanent contract with a good salary, (usually your existing salary) plus a monthly bonus dependent on the sales turnover of the business. Thus, with a minimum 3 years’ experience you can immediately receive the best renumeration. Send your CV and give your career a powerful boost.


Our satisfied customers. We work for the biggest High Tech Companies in the South of the Netherlands.


Would you like to work with Esprit ICT Group? That’s possible! We are looking for:

Software Designers

Software Testers

Sustainable Business Philosophy

ESPRIT-ICT makes conscious choices to realize a good balance between the needs of People, Planet, and Profit. We therefore donate at least 10% of our gross profit to good / charitable causes.

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